*Pinch* to SMS (coming soon)

You can now send and receive SMS like text messages to anyone in your address book free of charge from *Pinch*! Your friend does not even need to have *Pinch* to get your *Pinch* :) WOW

We believe that Mobile messaging has become much more than the standard SMS and our goal is to provide you with an innovative solution that helps you enjoy this enhanced experience with all your SMS contacts.

Pinch2SMS makes *Pinch* messaging and SMS messages completely interchangeable and allows you to start using Pinch right from the start without the limitation of only being able to message contacts who are already on the application. Thus you now get to share the *Pinch* experience with your *Pinch* & SMS buddies.

This service is provided in partnership with carriers/telecom operators and currently select customers can enjoy it. We are aggressively pursuing to set up the same service with other carriers to give you the same benefit! Speak to your carrier and ask them to get in touch with us, we'll do the rest!