Terms & Conditions

A) Sponsorship: The Pinch Global Contest is fully sponsored by Affle Pte Ltd (“Sponsor”). Apple Inc. is neither a sponsor nor affiliate and is not responsible for conducting, this contest.

B) Prizes: The Pinch Global Contest is based on total monthly/quarterly/yearly points earned by Pinch users. There are 3 categories of Prizes:
  1. Pinch Prize of the Month: 20 Monthly Prizes
    Standard Leaderboard: TOP 10 Pinchers to win US$5 cash prize*
    Elite Leaderboard: TOP 10 Pinchers to win US$15 cash prize*
    (all previous winners from the Standard Leaderboard to be automatically added to this category)
  2. Pinch Prize of the Quarter:  1 Quarterly Prize to be announced (Max Retail Value US$800)
  3. Pinch Prize of the Year:  1 Grand Prize to be announced (Max Retail Value US$2,000)*
    All cash prizes will be paid via PayPal™, any transaction fees will be borne by the recipient.
C) Prize Delivery: Winners will be notified through their Facebook Wall, all users taking part in The Contest must agree to give the necessary permissions to allow Pinch to post on their Facebook Wall. The Prizes will be delivered to the winners within 4 weeks of the winning date. The winner will be responsible for any taxes associated with receipt of the Prizes. The Sponsor reserves the right to substitute the Prize with other prizes of equal or greater value if the Prizes are not available to the Sponsor for any reason whatsoever.
D) Qualifications for Participation: To qualify for the Contest Prizes, the users of Pinch must have signed up with a verified mobile, email, and Facebook account to earn points based on the rules of the Pinch Global Contest. The Facebook account registered with their Pinch account must be a fan of Pinch's Facebook Fan page by "Liking" the page. These rules may be updated from time to time. The entry to the contest is free and usage of Pinch is the only qualification required for the contest. Affle reserves the right to exclude users from contests based on a fair play policy.
E) Contest Period: Each contest ends at midnight on Sundays (Eastern Standard Time)
F) Criterions for the Pinch Prize Winners: The criterions of selecting the Pinch Prize Winners are defined below:
  1. The TOP 20 Pinchers of the month (10 Pinchers from the Standard Leaderboard and 10 from the Elite Leaderboard, points accumulated as per usage) will each win the Pinch Prize of the month.
  2. 1 TOP Pincher of the quarter will be randomly selected from the monthly winners to win the Prize of the quarter! Every Pinch Point earned increases your chances of winning the Pinch Prize of the Quarter. The winners of the Pinch Prize of the Quarter are automatically upgraded to play for the Grand Prize!
  3. 1 of the TOP Pinchers of the year would be selected randomly for the Grand Prize. Every Pinch Point earned increases your chances of winning.
  4. If the Sponsor is unable to notify the winner through the stipulated method mentioned above within three (3) days of the contest end date for that period, or if any of the winner does not respond within three (3) days upon notification, he or she will forfeit the Prize. The winners would also be given recognition by the Sponsors on the Sponsor’s websites/social communities/press releases.
  5. Employees of Sponsor and the family members of such employees are not eligible to win the Prizes.
  6. By participating in this promotion, entrants agree to release and hold harmless the Sponsor from any claim or cause of action arising out of participation or winning the Pinch Global Contest.
The contest terms was last updated on July 20, 2011.