Quarterly Winners

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Quarterly Prize Countdown

Next contest ending date: Mon, 5 Sep 2011

9th Contest Winner
Mel Manap, Singapore

"Thank You Pinch & Pinchers.... Thank You so much, I just received IPAD 2 !!!"

8th Contest Winner
Imamm Maulana Zulfikar, Jakarta, Indonesia

"I was surprised at first because I never expected to win the global contest, but Pinch make something impossible for me to happen."

7th Contest Winner
Alfonso Josue Castillo Medina, Barcelona, Spain

"This is the best gift in my life!!!!!!!"

6th Contest Winner
Shana Banu, Singapore

"I won an iPad for this contest.... Unbelievable..."

5th Contest Winner
Robert Bell, Nafferton, UK

"Pinch is the best app I have ever downloaded."

4th Contest Winner
Rio Wahab, Cyberjaya, MY

"I love Pinch, because Pinch loves me!"

3rd Contest Winner
Paul Stanbra, Sheffield, UK

"I can't believe that I won. I pinch all time as it's great fun but never thought my name would be picked out. Come people, download it, use it and win it's that simple!"

2nd Contest Winner
Kyle Jones, California, USA

"Pinch lets me communicate with my close friends and family & I have made so many new friendships with people all around the world. It has been an all around great experience using this app, along with the benefits of winning prizes. I love it."

1st Contest Winner
Jared Kozil, Illinois, USA

"Pinch is more than just social networking. For a whole year, they're offering amazing prizes that you have an amazing chance to win, just like me! Even if you don't win a prize, this app is still a great way to connect."